Adorable Baby Finds The Taste Of Spinach To Be Quite Hilarious

Adorable Baby Finds The Taste Of Spinach To Be Quite Hilarious

We can all agree that babies are a never ending source of entertainment. The tiny adorable tots always have a lot to offer. They can make us laugh until we cry and sometimes even cry until we start laughing. Either way, laughter is on the menu.

Children are incredible. We’ve often compared them with little sponges, not because they are frail, but because they are quick to absorb everything that is happening around them. It seems like there is nothing that can pass these little geniuses by. They catch each interaction and each sound and compile it in their minds for further use.

It sometimes seems surreal that a tiny human version of you, that is smaller than your backpack can store so much information. We never seize to be amazed by their skills and their wit. Imagine that while it might take you years to learn a new language, these amazing tots are able to do it so much faster. They are like tiny computers, but look way cuter.

Little children should, in general, try as many things as possible so that they can form an opinion on the matter. Sometimes it’s important to feed them bite-sized versions of everything and just eagerly await for their reaction. You just need to be extra careful in the case they develop an allergy. Although not all outcomes are that scary, it’s better to be prepared.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of spinach? Do you even like spinach at all? One of the most common associations with spinach is the fictional character of Popeye the Sailor. Do you remember him, that guy that used to eat whole cans of spinach in order to gain strength and protect his love interest Olive Oyl from the evil guy, Bluto? Well, we all wish we could be that strong and not wimp out while eating spinach. It’s true, spinach might be good for you, but its taste is more than lacking. It is most commonly described as having a strong earthy taste because of the minerals it is packing inside.

Check out this baby's reaction to tasting spinach for the very first time. We can definitely notice a slight grimace on this tot’s face so we know for sure that this baby is not the greatest fan of spinach. It almost looks like the youngun is ready to spit it out but is too upset with mommy for putting it on the spoon, that they start to laugh. We all feel the same way little babe! Digesting spinach is not a laughing matter. But don’t worry, once it enters your belly you’ll see that your mommy was right and that it’s very good for you, keeping you strong so that you can learn even more new things.

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