Which animals are pets?

Which animals are pets?

Humans have always been fond of animals such that many people keep them as pets. There is much benefit associated with keeping animals as a pet in the home. Firstly it provides company, especially good if someone does not have other people to talk to. Sometimes people just prefer the company of animals, they do not cause the problems that frequently occur in human interactions.

There are numerous animals that are suitable as pets and one is available to fit with a the personality of the person concerned. Some popular pets include the following:


 It is of no surprise this is perhaps the most popular of all pets given the expression 'a dog is a man's best friend'. There are many variety of dogs to choose from, dogs small in size others much bigger, some that are timid to dogs that are aggressive. There are many different type of breeds and over the course of time, many variety have been bred together to give unique and interesting looking creatures.


Cats are probably the second most popular pets behind dogs. Independent creatures, many like to come home and leave as pleased, they are easy to maintain and look after. Again like the dogs there are many types of cats to choose from.


  Popular type of fishes for the home environment are goldfish and tropical fish. Goldfish is easy to keep, they just need a tank full of cold water which need cleaning once a year. Tropical fish is more complex as the water temperature requires constant monitoring. As these fishes come from the tropics, the water is kept at warm and adequate temperatures, achieved through the use of heating and monitoring devices. As a result, they are expensive to keep but many people love the idea own owning tropical fish due to their wonderful and speculator colours.

Hamsters, Gerbils, Ferrets. Kept in a cage which is filled with hay and various play things to keep the pets comfortable. Maintenance is easy and they are generally well received.

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